You will find a selection of archived collections by Monica Jones below and also paintings which have been sold.


Light on a Blue Edge

This was a solo exhibition by Monica that took place in the “Courtyard Gallery” Midleton in April 2005. Both the themes and medium varied throughout the pieces, however the common thread of vibrant blues from Cobalt to Prussian gave the show its title. The inspiration for the “Water’s Edge” painting came from Monica’s hometown of Cobh. It is a magnificent resource and it gave her great pleasure to interpret it’s essence through painting.

Cork City – Living Landscapes

This recent collection of work is my creative response to a city of incredible beauty and character. The streets and buildings are overflowing with inspiration. However it is when they become alive with people that you experience the energy and high spirit, which is the essence of Cork City.

The paintings below are from the Cork City Living Landscapes Collection by Monica Jones.

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Autumn in Italy

This collection was featured at The K Gallery

Commission Work

A commission can help you find that special personal gift or perfect painting for your space at home or work.

Over the last number of years Monica has undertaken a large number of commissions both corporate and private clients. Although commission work can be quite a challenge for artist because they are dealing with a subject matter chosen by the client, the process that Monica uses to produce the artwork is still the same.

“The process involved sketching and writing notes at the chosen location. Then I return to my studio to work on the composition. I usually visit the site again observing colour and light and finally complete the piece in the studio.” Monica Jones

Rathbarry Castle was built as a tower house in the 15th century, by Randal Óg Barry. It was later occupied by the Frekes in 1617. In the 18th century Sir John Evans Freke built a bigger castle nearby called Castelfreke. Part of the original Rathbarry Castle Keep still remains with it’s stone arch over the basement. 
The Castle was later converted into the farm yard for Castlefreke.

In 2002 Monica was asked to record, the recent restoration work of Rathbarry. 
Over the year she worked on a full collection, using pencil & ink, drawing numerous compositions of Rathbarry House, Tower, Stables and surrounding walls.

Magic in the Shadows

This was a collection of work that was on exhibition in “Rolfs Café Art” Gallery in Baltimore, West Cork, (Sept – Nov 2002).  The collection included many images of Baltimore, Sherkin Island, and Lough Hyne. Monica chose the medium of pencil and Indian Ink to convey the richness and atmosphere of West Cork through the use of texture and shade.

The Dance of the Cherry Trees

This collection is inspired by the lyrics of the song by John Spillane, “The Dance of the Cherry Trees”

“let me tell you about the cherry trees
every April in our town
They put on the most outrageous clothes
And they sing and they dance around…
Cherry Blossom in the air
Cherry Blossom on the street
Cherry Blossom in your hair
And a Blossom at your feet”

It was a challenge to put on canvas the magnificent images conjured up in the song. I chose the medium of oils specifically because they allowed me to represent the subtle translucent contrast in colour between the blossoms, be they on the trees, in the air, or at your feet.

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