About Monica Jones

For as far back as I can remember I wanted to be an Artist and Art teacher.
My first memory of oil paint and brushes was a paint by numbers set I received when I was nine years old.
Even in my early school days I struggled with Maths but I shone through my drawings.
This set me on a path from winning local and national Art competitions to going to Art College to study Fine art painting, followed by a qualification in Art, Craft & Design teaching.
My nature is that of an Extrovert but I also need my own space to explore my surroundings and connect with peoples stories.
As a teenager I was curious to seek out compositions that were not the normal tourist scene but the hidden gem which was off the beaten track.
I like variety and new challenges which is why it is crucial to my development as a person and artist to travel and experience diverse cultures.
Growing up in Ireland there is a strong sense of place,the town, the locality you and your family come from.Our culture is one which values community  spirit and story telling.
For me combining place with our ever-changing weather is exhilarating, my senses heightened as I strive to capture fleeting moments and changing places.
I love the process of sketching and painting.
Sketching is where my initial energy and ideas come from.
Developing my drawings and reference studies on to canvas in the studio is no doubt challenging but so satisfying.
When I start a new piece of work I must admit that at first its an exploration for me, feeding my creative spirit, but the most rewarding part of being an Artist is when a piece leaves you and becomes a part of other peoples lives.
Over my career I have had solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and taken part in Art Fairs.
These have led to fascinating and interesting commissions ranging from recording Manor homes to restoration work of Irish Castles. My works are in homes, businesses and corporations.

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